D’Auria Group’s
sustainability manifesto

How many companies today can really claim
to be sustainable?

It is not just about taking those individual actions that make us feel good or that make us look good with our stakeholders. The path towards true sustainability requires, first of all, a change
of perspective and mentality that leads to a real and effective transformation of the company’s operational paradigms on all fronts. We are not just talking about paper or ink. Certainly,
in our sector, using certified materials is the first fundamental step. We are not even just talking about the processes that lead us to make our products and the impact that these have on the environment. Sustainability means, also and above all, taking care of the people who work with us day after day, inside and outside the company. Inside the company, trying every day to ensure
the physical and mental well-being of our employees. Outside the company, taking care
of the environment, but also of the territory that surrounds us. With honesty, loyalty
and transparency. This is the choice we have made: we are not claiming to be green today,
that will come, but we are to become so. Tomorrow.


Development of a corporate code of ethics


Local green initiatives


Choice of certified and eco-sustainable raw materials


Analysis and reduction of the environmental impact


Care of the physical and moral well-being of collaborators