Environmental Sustainability

Carbon Footprint

Operations undertaken in May 2020 to calculate
the carbon footprint showed an impact of 3,370 tCO2e.

Direct Emissions tCO2e
Production Departments 804
Direct vehicle emissions 30
Direct oxidation emissions 346
Indirect emissions tCO2e
Imported electricity of which: 2190
Printing 1718
Other departments 472

What we have done

  • Improvement of roto-offset machines.
  • Installation of heat recovery exchanger from flue gas for the production of DHW and hot fluid for thermo-convention.
  • Installation of electrical energy meters and customized monitoring software able to detect the functional parameters of the machines.
  • Interventions to improve energy efficiency or reduce consumption.
  • Use of renewable energy sources.
  • Purchase of certified green electricity produced from renewable energy sources.
  • Compensation interventions.
  • LED installation.

What we will do

  • Implementation of the energy management system.
  • Progressive replacement of electric motors with more efficient devices.
  • Measuring campaigns for compressed air leakage detection.
  • Improvement of the power factor correction system.
  • Operational control interventions on compressors.
  • Installation of photovoltaic panels.
  • Environmental management system.
  • Installation of a trigeneration system.