Each job done
is environmentally

Strongly convinced of the need for a return to a more circular economy, D’Auria Group looks
to the future with a concrete commitment to the environment. All the activities of the company
are carried out sustainability in mind: from the research of materials to the use of production technologies with low environmental impact; from the recovery of by-products in a circular approach to the CO2 emissions offsets. There are numerous certifications as a guarantee
of these ethical and responsible choices, this is what makes the project D’Auria Green a path
of constant education and awareness of clients and stakeholders.

The Sustainable Path

The Pillars of Sustainability


Economic Sustainability

The development of our activities involves the improvement of the economic, financial and managerial balance of our processes.
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Environmental Sustainability

We focus our attention on restoring and maintaining the long-term ecological balance.
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Social Sustainability

We are committed to creating value and improving the quality of life of our employees, stakeholders and the territories in which we operate.
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Sustainability Manifesto

Being Sustainable: D’Auria Group’s manifesto of eco-sustainability


As a guarantee of its transparent commitment to an increasingly green and sustainable approach,
D’Auria has undertaken an all-round certification path, starting with its materials up to the company’s processes