Care, professionalism
and continuous training

Unity is strength, and that is why in D’Auria the attention to its employees is always at the centre. D’Auria Group is constantly investing in the continuous training of its staff, and in the daily listening
of its employees in order to ensure their well-being. The focus on people is the hallmark of the relations between each Group company and its customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

  • Italy
  • Albania

The staff in Italy

Design, Prepress, Printing, Finishing, Bookbinding, Logistics.
The team at the D’Auria Headquarter is constantly following each processing phase,
from the initial contact with the customer to the delivery of the finished “turnkey” product.

The staff in Albania

The team of the Albanian plant works in constant synergy with the Italian colleagues and carries out the prepress, printing, finishing, die-cutting and manual packaging activities.