Know How

More than 50 years of experience
at the service of customers

From its foundation until today, D’Auria is involved in a constant process of growth and innovation.
Opening new factories in Italy and abroad and joining new markets different from the typography one has been relevant for the improvement of skills and production capabilities of the Group
that is now an expert also in editorial printing, commercial printing, stationery and packaging. This makes D’Auria a multifaceted company, with a unique and replicable production model suitable
for any kind of project: the control of the entire production chain and the internal management of each processing phase. Thanks to its design, craftsmanship and industrial skills, D’Auria is able
to turn a simple idea into a graphic project realized by the best experts of the sector, up to the finished turnkey product.


Unity is strength, and only a team that works hard with care and efficiency can truly serve people.


The mix created by the manual processing capabilities and the advanced printing and finishing technologies
make D’Auria a cutting-edge reality.