The values

Caring for art and traditions,
looking to the future

In 1966, the love for beauty and the territory were the foundation that inspired Sergio D’Auria to shape the typography which was as deeply rooted in the artisan tradition
as much as it was linked to contemporary reality. Research, technological innovation and creativity have been perfectly matched at D’Auria for more than 50 years in order to create new products and improve the manufacturing processes.
A path made of fundamental choices: from the selection of reliable suppliers to the use of eco-sustainable and ethical materials. This attention embraces each employee
of the Group and it is also shared by its stakeholders, key figures of the activities
of the company. The work of D’Auria is aimed at both the small and the large scale with the same efficiency and flexibility. The group still maintains its constant
forward-looking , studying targeted solutions to adapt to the new market challenges.