D’Auria Group

Key words: flexibility
and competitiveness

The D’Auria Group is founded on these two words, starting from Ascoli Piceno
and today a solid production reality in perfect balance between Italy and Albania.
In this European context operate D’Auria Printing S.p.A., D’Auria Industrie Grafiche S.r.l., D Print Europe Sh.p.k the three companies that, jointly, synergistically create
the Made in D’Auria product. D’Auria Printing S.p.A. represents the real general contractor of the group. It is the D’Auria Group’s interface to the market
and guarantees the turnkey service through the provision of services
such as graphics, pre press, project development and production coordination using
the two industrial realities of Auria Industrie Grafiche S.r.l. and D Print Europe Sh.p.k.
which are coordinated and directed to effectively respond to any request of the three Business Units of which it is composed: Commercial Printing, Editorial Printing
and Luxury Packaging. D’Auria Industrie Grafiche S.r.l. it provides printing, finishing and bookbinding services directly in the group’s main plant in Italy. Since 2017
the D’Auria group has started an internationalization process through
the establishment of D Print Europe Sh.p.k. the new production reality entirely dedicated to printing, finishing and setting up of luxury packaging.
All stages of the production cycle are carried out by the three companies of the group, allowing Made in D’Auria to be synonymous with Made in Europe.


D’Auria Printing S.p.A.

Industrial zone Destra Tronto, I 64016 S. Egidio alla Vibrata (TE)

D Print Europe Sh.p.k.

Rruga Dardania, 1051 Kashar Tirana Albania (AL)

The companies
of the group

Italian factory

Since 2003, the corporate headquarters designed by Architect Sandro D’Auria
fully reflects the family’s artistic vocation. An avant-garde factory with 15,000 square metres of covered space and 110 employees. The headquarters of the D’Auria Group.

Albanian factory

The Albanian factory established in 2017 is a modern building located in a strategic position, just 8 km away from the Tirana International Airport. It has a covered area
of 3,000 sqm and 70 employees.