Since 1966 D’Auria has been
a combination of tradition
and avant-garde visions

Sergio D’Auria was a boy in love with Jazz music who fulfilled his dream and became an internationally renowned musician during the 50’s. At a certain point, however,
his flair and passion for beauty attracts him to a new activity that was changing
the world, always renewing itself: the press. Without ever abandoning his love
for music, he returned to his city, Ascoli Piceno, to express his creativity and his idea of art through the typography . For this reason, in 1966, he starts managing an old artisan printing house in the heart of his town, the Tipografia Tassi, formerly Stamperia Camerale Cardi, founded in 1849. With an innate sense of organisation, his enormous commitment and vision, Sergio gave life to an activity that was already marked
by innovation and the use of cutting-edge technology. By doing so, during the 70’s,
his printing house grew in the fields of graphic design, prepress, offset printing, bookbinding and stationery. All this was possible thanks to the presence of his wife Rita, also a mother and his inseparable partner, always at Sergio’s side to encourage and support him.

Today, D’Auria Group is among
the top 40 graphic operators in Italy

The year 1991 marks the beginning of a great turning point. Without ever forgetting the craftsman’s attention to the product processing, Sergio D’Auria decided to evolve his business and make a leap in quality by switching
to the industrial size and changing the name of the company in “Grafiche D’Auria S.r.l.”. The company moved from the original location located in the old town center to the industrial area of Ascoli Piceno, a more suitable space to house
the new professional production machinery. Thanks to the technological leap,
the company expanded its vision across borders and acquired the ability
to manage orders of different and wider scales at the same time, attracting international customers as well . During these years of intense activity, the work
of Sergio is also supported by his eldest son Cristiano, now the company’s director, and his younger son Emiliano. Increasingly projected towards the global market, the D’Auria Group decided to face a new challenge: the industrial packaging production one. In 1998, the company acquired a paper converting company, and joined the packaging market, especially the one concerning manual shopping bags, becoming one of the leading manufacturers in Europe.

In 2003 Grafiche D’Auria S.r.l. becomes D’Auria Printing Spa. Alongside the traditional Offset printing, the activity of the factory started including the Roto Offset one as well for large-scale production and distribution of magazines and brochures purposes. These changes go hand in hand with the design of a new factory on the border between Marche and Abruzzo, in the municipality of Sant’Egidio alla Vibrata (TE) which occurred in 2003. The building bears the signature of the architect Sandro D’Auria, Sergio’s brother. After passing the baton to his son Cristiano, Sergio
has currently returned to his first love: music. The D’Auria Group is currently owned
by the two brothers, Cristiano and Emiliano. Thanks to its high-tech, complete
and competitive structure, it has always been committed to face new challenges
of the global market and it still does it everyday. This is also demonstrated
by the establishment of D Print Europe, the youngest production company
of the Group. It was founded in Tirana in 2017 and it is currently a real hub
for the production of paper goods, especially tied to shopping bags and boxes.
This path that has always been in harmony between traditions and avant-garde visions, started by a musician in love with art. Thanks to this approach D’Auria Group is now among the top 40 graphic designers in Italy.