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The D’ Auria Industrial Group, a subsidiary of the D’ Auria Media Group, is among the top fifty companies in the Italian graphics sector. The companies in this group -  D’Auria Printing SpA, D’Auria Industrie Grafiche srl, Royal Bags srl, AGP srl, D’Sign srl, Shopperelle – work together to manage and co-ordinate the full production cycle.


  • Over 100 highly qualified employees
  • Two new facilities which occupy a total area of 40,000 square meters, 15,000 of which are fully enclosed
  • Web-fed press which produces up to 90,000 copies per hour
  • Total annual output of over thirty million
  • Steady production growth which exceeds ten million magazines and catalogs, one million illustrated books, as well as fifteen million luxury shopping bags made manually or semi-automatically per annum


For over fifty years, D’Auria has been synonymous with printing. With years of experience and know-how, the group works on a daily basis to satisfy the needs of every client, offering the greatest possible value in terms of quality, customer service, rapid production, and price.

Past, Present and Future

The group was created in 1966 when internationally famous musician Sergio D’Auria bought an antique printing press in the historic center of Ascoli Piceno.  Innovative techniques and experimentation helped the business to expand into the fields of graphic design, prepress, offset printing, and binding.

In the 1990s, D’Auria Printing developed into a major industrial organization, while at the same time Sergio was joined by his sons Cristiano and Emiliano, giving a new impetus to the graphic design industry.

From the purchase of new machinery, to the creation of a new department dedicated to web-to-print, to the creation of a new partnerships with the customers, to the improvement of market penetration by combining productive and commercial performance, the Group has become a strong force with great productive potential, ready to face the new challenges of the global market with a cutting edge and comprehensive competitive structure.


Quality and sustainability



All of the participating firms in the D’Auria Group are compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001 and ISO 12647-2 (2004) systems for quality management. The integration of all operating departments guarantees absolute control over the supply chain in order to obtain a high standard of quality for  products and services from inception to final delivery.



Respect for the earth, for humanity, and for the preservation of the environment is a high priority for us. All of our firms act in accordance with our plan for long-term sustainability.
Our Green Vision: A five-year conservation plan to increase production without increasing power consumption. The adoption of new printing technologies with improved hourly performance and print width have enabled significant improvements in energy consumption compared to traditional machines.
In addition to the minimization and recycling of waste, fumes emanating from web offset presses are recovered in a process which allows them to be used for heating and refrigeration.
Using this system, the D’Aria Industrial Group has obtained the following results:

  • Reduction of C02 emissions by 867,000 kg, corresponding to 25% of what would be emitted into the atmosphere without efficiency measures.
  • Electrical energy consumption reduced by 1,817,192 kWh
  • Methane reduction of 232.161 cubic meters


Paper supplies are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), an NGO dedicated the the worldwide promotion of environmentally friendly forest management.

FSC Mark of Responsible Forestry




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D'Auria Originals

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Whether it's a shopping bag, a book, a brochure, a flier, or a website, every D'Auria creation is born from an idea, a need, and a strategy. Over the years, our excellent cost-value balance has ensured customer loyalty. You can always find a reliable partner with the D'Auria Group.


High-end technology, reliability, absolute integration: Each icon represents an investment that has contributed to the success of our group. Use your mouse to discover some the high quality technologies we utilize.


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The success of a business is born from the union of specializations. If the union is strong, it can make a difference on the market. These are our six key strengths:

  • Quality and Creativity: In printing, this can truly be called an art form

    D'Auria Printing

  • Industrial printing like you've never seen before  

    D'Auria Industrie Grafiche

  • Turning a shopping bag into a luxury item

    Royal Bags

  • The "Made in D'Auria" Creative Laboratory


  • Fast and inexpensive fitting, binding, and paper transformation services.


  • The number one e-commerce site for the offset printing of shopping bags


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Our corporate headquarters, designed by architect Sandro D'Auria, fully reflect the artistic vocation of the family, as well as their their responsiveness to market demands: a harmonic fusion of design, industrial architecture, and and pivotal moments from D'Auria's past. Entering the buildings, you can take a trip back through the history of the graphic design, the music, and the passion which gave rise to the D'Auria Industrial Group. The two facilities, located in the industrial zone in Marche and Abruzzo, are organized in a productive/functional design that consists of a main block dedicated to management and service activities, and the rest divided between production, inventory, and storage.

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